Globe gets some movie magic

A creative venture between Globe, Universal’s creative and commercial department, and some of the UK's top composers looks to set to redefine the creation of music for advertising. The groundbreaking project launches with composers including Grammy winner David Arnold and Bafta nominated Ilan Eshkeri.

Gravity, Independence Day and Quantum of Solace are just some of the scores created by composers that have joined the project, linking with sync, brand partnership and TV production division Globe to write music for ads.

Globe’s senior creative manager Charlotte Thomas is part of the team that’s brings the concept to life. She says the move to launch the new venture is a natural progression following Globe’s success in the advertising and TV world: in the last few years they have curated a myriad of creative sync deals for artists and bands including The Lumineers, Willy Moon and Ellie Goulding.  It was also behind the Channel 4 TV series Launched at Red Bull Studios featuring Universal acts and nominating Melody Gardot as an ambassador for Swiss luxury jewellery brand Piaget.

Charlotte adds under the new deal the composers will create bespoke music specifically for commercials and says that because of the high quality of the composers involved - the new venture will initially provide the services of five top composers, including the Grammy winner and musician behind the music on numerous James Bond films David Arnold and the Bafta nominated Ilan Eshkeri - it will not be a “jingle house”.

She says each creative proposition will be judged on merit.  “It depends on the treatments coming from the agencies.  But, it will need to feel right, and feel aspriational,” Charlotte says. “The obvious place to start looking is at the luxury end of the business, cars and designer brands, advertising that has more of a narrative and possibly a filmic quality. At the end of the day it is all down to the campaign. The UK advertising industry is turning out some amazing work at the moment – we’re open to interesting and exciting ideas, wherever they come from.” 

Although the new venture has initially launched with five composers - the team also comprises Dickon Hinchliffe and Joby Talbot - Charlotte says it’s possible more composers will join the stable over time.  However, she adds with Grammy and Bafta winners amongst the group, who between them have also written scores for Locke, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Stardust, Layer Cake, Kick Ass, Project NIM, Alpha Papa and Tomorrow Never Dies, they will only be looking for more top flight composers.  Hinchcliffe, who composed score for the Locke starring Tom Hardy, describes the new initiative as a “great proposition” and says he is looking forward to the creative challenge it offers.

One of the UK’s leading film music supervisors and former Island A&R Director Nick Angel has also been drafted in to help launch the project.  Charlotte says Angel’s experience in the industry and great relationships with the composers will make “marrying” them much easier.    

Nick adds, “You can’t underestimate the importance of music in bringing a visual to life, and composers that work in film know better than anyone just how to do that. It’s an opportunity to bring cinematic music to a different world.”

There is the opportunity for music created for the campaigns to be released by Decca, already home to many leading film soundtracks such as Notes on a Scandal and Shine.  Globe’s managing director Marc Robinson believes the move will help raise the “creative bar” in advertising.  He adds, “We are bringing the very best film composers into this space with the full support and release mechanism of a label.”

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