The Live Music Act


After a decade of intense lobbying, the Live Music Act became law this week, removing the raft of red tape and bureaucracy imposed by the Licensing Act 2003.

ELAM celebrates its first two years


As East London Arts & Music celebrates its first two years, principal Charlie Kennard talks about what’s to come for the Universal Music-supported free academy.

Your turntable's not dead


The communications team has the good fortune of being joined by Megan who’s here with us doing work experience for two weeks. Megan is 17 years-old, a vinyl buyer and aspiring music journalist so we asked her, “Why do you like vinyl? Do youngsters really want to buy records?” She came back to us with the below:

BPI AGM - Amplifying Success

BPI AGM, Chase Status


The marriage of creativity and business isn’t always a match made in heaven so it was interesting to discover the BPI’s recent AGM exploring how this relationship can be best made to work. The Amplifying Success forum felt especially relevant at a time when the point where creativity meets big business is being reshaped by the 24/7 digital world.

The Streaming Chart

spotify, streaming, charts


Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company, provides an update on the recent launch of the first Official Streaming Chart.

Streaming music, not cannibalising download sales

Streaming music, not cannibalising download sales


Stuart Dredge (@stuartdredge)

Is Spotify and its streaming music rivals cannibalising download sales from stores like Apple’s iTunes? Universal Music UK’s director of digital Paul Smernicki says not.

“You can imagine that when Spotify first launched, it sent a lot of people in the music industry into panic mode – ‘Let people stream stuff? Just madness!’,” said Smernicki at today’s Guardian Changing Media Summit, where he was speaking in a digital music panel session.

Universal at LSE AMP Society Digital Conference

Universal at LSE AMP Society Digital Conference


Jennifer Fong (@jenfong)
Media & Communications, LSE SU AMP Society

Cast your mind back. Maybe 15, 18 years. 1994: Ace of Base was the best thing to come out of Sweden since Ikea and everyone was singing about seeing The Sign. It feels just like yesterday, doesn’t it?

Now’s the perfect time for investors to target music

Now’s the perfect time for investors to target music


Francis Keeling – Global Head of Digital Business, UMGI

Adele being cut off in full flow may have been the most memorable moment of this year’s Brit awards, but the real story of the music industry’s annual jamboree was the continuing conveyor belt of British talent.

Can books read across from music?

Can books read across from music?


Richard Mollet – Chief Executive, The Publishers Association

"I've seen this happen in other people's lives and now it's happening in mine" as Morrissey once sang. But is this what the publishing sector feels about the digital marketplace when it looks at the music business?

Universal Music at Music Hack Day London

Universal Music at Music Hack Day London


James Cowdery – Innovation Manager, Universal Music UK

It was Music Hack Day London at the Barbican this weekend and Universal Music was delighted to be involved. If you’re not familiar with Music Hack Day – it’s a marathon of computer code, pizza and beer where collaboration and invention are prized and insomnia is roundly mocked.


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